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 Sources & Citations 
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Post Sources & Citations
I'm going to start posting whatever information is relevant to future updates and so forth in this thread.
Things crop up, but I never keep track of them.
So it'll be nice to keep them stored somewhere.

Anyways if you see anything, feel free to drop it off in here.
Please include a date, and put the relevant information within a spoiler tab.

2/15/2011 ~ Player Feedback Library ~ Sessions 1-6

Player Feedback Library
Voice of the Player

Players often tell us that they don't get to hear much about what we think of all the suggestions and ideas put forward on our forums. We'd like to put that right with this new initiative, where we will grab some key suggestions and put them directly to the game makers on your behalf, and importantly we'll let you know what they said! There has never been a better time to post your suggestions to us - so head to the Suggestions forum and make your voice heard!

We'll try to put your suggestions to the RuneScape content team fairly regularly, however sometimes other things do hold us all up - so don't worry if this thread isn't updated to a strict timetable - but we will share the feedback with you just as soon as we can!

It's probably also worth pointing out that the views posted on this thread are offered as a response to the suggestion/s - so even if we really like something it isn't a rock solid guarantee that it will make it into the game - it just means we agree with you and like the idea.

Of course, many of the suggestions will actually become a reality, which means that a simple idea could really grab our attention and end up being enjoyed by millions of RuneScape players around the world. We always have, and always will, build player suggestions and feedback into our game development plans.

Suggestion Feedback Session 1;

Wizard Cromperty keeps getting out of his house and wandering off! This makes it hard to track him down for my free Essence!

This should be fairly easy to fix and we will put something in place to keep Wizard Cromperty from running off into the game fairly soon!

Could you introduce a new "Charm Bag" that gathers up and stores Charms for us?

Sounds like a good idea and something we can consider for the future. Though if we did make such an item it would only be for gathering charms, you wouldn't be able to use it when training.

Can you make it so that people who have completed the Relleka Elite Diary (or a similar achievement) don't need their Seal whilst on Lunar Isle?

Thanks for the idea - the content team are discussing this very soon.

Could you please change the "Right Click Travel" for Magic Carpets as they currently still require you to go through lots of dialogue and confirmations.

Yes we can look into this as well. Small ideas like this that help speed up/remove frustration are great pieces of feedback that are easy to fix.

Can you introduce a "All Options Off" button for the Duel Arena? Most players choose to "Box" and currently that means manually turning off every option.

That is actually much harder to do than it sounds - but there does seem to be some demand for this functionality, so we will certainly take a good look at it.

Could you add an option for Duel Arena "Rematches" where you can one-click "Offer Rematch" to a player. This would be an exact copy of the ruleset you just fought with against the same opponent!

This would involve quite a lot of save options that we'd have to build in, realistically this isn't something that we are likely to look at in the short to mid term, so for now it's a "sorry, no".

~ Mod Mark H (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~

"With the introduction of Dungeoneering a lot of benefits from Slayer, high level equipment and monsters, have become a bit redundant. Could you add something to make Slayer more attractive at high levels?"

We agree that there are some gaps in high level Slayer, so we are looking at plugging these gaps in the future with some new Slayer monsters and possibly a new Slayer master. When we get closer to the time of looking at this in more detail we will ask *you guys* to make some suggestions for us.

"Would it be possible to add Plant Cures to the Tool Leprechaun at Farming spots?"

Good idea, it's pretty easy to do so we will look into this and you might even see it added pretty soon.

"Currently you can't decant Summoning Potions into 2 doses, can this be changed to make it more like other potions."

Good spot, this was never intended and as such we'll look into it.

"Would it possible to add the "Purple Healing Heart" icon from Daemonhein/Dungeoneering to the surface world of RuneScape?"

Sadly this isn't possible due to the increased graphical demands of the surface world of RuneScape. Good idea though.

"Can you add Elund to the NPC Contact spell so we can recharge crystals remotely?"

Good suggestion, again we're happy to look into this. But no promises.

"Can you increase the upper experience cap on Assisting other players?"

We want to look into the Assist system as a whole, but this is more of a long term task. However, we are of the opinion that the XP you can currently gain through Assisting is already quite generous so no promises.

"I had the idea of a new Teleport; "Tele to Friend" so I can easily join/meet my friends."

Although this is a nice social idea, it does throw up a few balancing issues. For example; a friend could stand in a hard to get to place and it could be used to boost training speed. For this reason we're unlikely to consider this.

"Can you reduce the timer on the free "Home Tele"?"

We've been thinking about this for some time, especially in the context of how useful it would be for new players to the game. We are going to change it at some point in the future, although we haven't decided on the exact cooldown duration yet.

"Can you make the Wildy Agility Arena safe, because I like to train Agility there and it's annoying to worry about PKers."

The Wilderness Agility Arena has been balanced with the risk of dying in mind. People using the arena should find that even if they do sometimes get killed the XP will still be worthwhile overall. As such we have no plans to change it.

"Can you introduce a system that identifies a player as having no items at all? For example; so they appear as a worthless kill to a PKer."

One of the tactics in PvP is appearing as if you have no items and then equipping items to retaliate in combat. If we were to implement this suggestion it would make that tactic redundant and we feel it's an interesting tactic that we wouldn't want to take away.

~ Mod Mark H (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~

"Could you add Ashes to the effect of the three different Bone Necklaces from Dungeoneering?"

Good idea. We'll look into this.

"Currently the Smithing skill is interrupted whenever you get a level up message or open the Skill guide. Other skills like Crafting don't have this problem so can Smithing get an adjustment please?"

This is actually part of the core skill code and how difficult it is to change varies from skill to skill. We do want to do this for all skills in the long term, but this will be a low priority.

"When training Hunter, if a trap fails or breaks you currently have to pick it up and put it down again. Could you change this so we can "right click repair" any traps that fail/break?"

Again, good idea. We'll need to have a serious think about this one as it could unbalance a few things. Still a good suggestion and well worth looking into.

"The first time I did my clue scroll I went to the co-ordinates but was then told that I needed to speak to the guy in the Observatory to learn how to do Clue Scrolls. Could you add something so that anybody who hasn't spoken to the guy in the Observatory gets a reminder to speak to them first?"

Sounds reasonable and understandable. Again, will look into.

"Could you add a list of "Completed Cases" to the Court House?"

We'll look at this, but it would be a very low priority.

"The Elven Lands have a lot of annoying tripwires that can be very difficult to click on. We get that they are supposed to be traps, but if I know where they are can't you make them a little easier to click on?"

Again, it's something we can look into but might need to think about. As always no promises!

~ Mod Mark H (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~

Apologies for the long stretch between this update and the last folks. Mod Mark and Mod Fetzki have both been extremely busy and with the Clan Update last week it's been a hit hectic here at RuneScape HQ.

However, I have managed to secure a very large batch and responses on some older Suggestions/Feedback so hopefully this will make up for it.

"The XP Button is always getting in the way of some things. Could you adjust it so it doesn't conflict with anything?"

We've spoken to the Graphics team and hopefully we'll be able to get this changed. It's not a priority however and the Graphics team are always busy people so just keep that in mind!

"The Dagganoth Kings don't currently drop Effigies whilst most other "boss" monsters do. Can DK's get effigies added as drops?"

We can certainly look into this.

"The new Clan Capes have the ability to customise colours, will this ever be added for other capes in the game?"

We know that the customisation on the Clan Capes is very popular. Keep your eyes out for the Maxed Cape and Completionist Cape in the future.

"It's really tough to find the Familiarisation D&D. Is there anyway it can be improved so it's easier to find?"

I'm (Mod Mark) currently talking to a developer about this. It's something we're looking into.

"The Crystal Bow is supposed to be one of the best Ranged weapons, but it's so expensive and other ranged weapons are much better to use and easier to get/maintain. Can you look at improving the Crystal Bow?"

Hmmm... This is one we'll need to think about and look into. Balancing weapons is always tricky but I think it is something we can review.

"Is there any chance we will see an increase in the amount of GE Slots available?"

Maybe. Again, it's something to look into and review.

"High Level Content. Is it going to happen? What do you consider to be High Level?!"

Yes. High Level Content is one of our focuses for this year. I (Mod Mark) consider "High level" to be 80+.

"Can we have customised Friends Lists? Like being able to sort them into our own categories?"

Sadly this just isn't possible. It's something I'd like to do but there are technical limitations.

"Combination Runes are currently massively underused and not that worth creating. You should improve their use or at least make them easier to make!"

I agree and this is something I am looking into with a developer. This wouldn't be a high priority but I concur it's something worth looking into.

"The Circus barkers are sooooo annoying! Can't you change them so they stop spamming!"

Hahaha. I think we can give them a little talking to and see if we can't change it so once you have been to the Circus that week, you won't hear them anymore.

"It can be very frustrating trying to find a group for certain activities, mainly Dungeoneering, without a lot of hassle. Could you implement a "group finding" system to help the process?"

This is something I (Mod Mark) would like to do, but it would be a big project and it's not something we have the time for right now.

"Smithing! Artisan's Workshop didn't address the problem that many of us feel is hurting Smithing as a skill!"

The Artisan's Workshop was done to address *one* of the problems I (Mod Mark) felt was wrong with Smithing. Artisan's Workshop introduces a new way to train Smithing, and we are considering new, higher level, items for Smithers to make in the future.

"A common suggestion is the ability to "move" rooms around when you have built them in Construction. Why can't we do that?"

Sadly this is a technical limitation and it's just not possible to "move" the rooms around once they are built.

"Dark Beast drops. A lot of people don't feel they are up to standard. Will you be changing this?"

Dark beast drops are something I am discussing with the game balancers at the momment. No promises but we are reviewing it.

"Vinesweeper is in need of some updating and fine-tuning. There are a lot of Suggestions for it, can we see these implemented?"

Again this is something I am discussing with the developers.

"Will Vyrewatch ever be added as a Slayer Task?"

The new Myreque Quest will feature a new Slayer Task. Maybe it will be Vyrewatch? Maybe it won't. ;)

"Dungeoneering Keys currently sit at the bottom of loot piles, can this be changed so they are on the top and easier to find?"

I can see how that would get frustrating, I'll speak to the Dungeoneering developers about it. It should be simple. :)

"Cab we get a cooker/range on Lunar Isle please?!"

Hmmm... I'll have a word to a developer about this and see what they think. It's definitely worth considering.

Phew. That's all for this session folks. Hopefully we'll have some more stuff soon! :)

~ Mod Mark H (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~

Can you add the new armours from Nex to the Sets system on the GE?

We don't feel these items are traded in volumes sufficient enough to warrant sets. It's something to consider but I don't think it's a strong use of time.

Would it be possible to have something in place so we can quickly PM/reply to players who aren't on our friends list?

This is something we looked into before, but we found it was not possible due to technical limitations. We'll take another look into it however and see if it's now possible.

Sometimes the skill doors in Dungeoneering can be a pain. The "Solve" click area is smaller than the "Open" click area so you click "Open" instead of "Solve". Can this be changed?

We'll definitely take a look, it would need to be fairly noticeable difference however.

Some Agility obstacles have tiny click boxes. Increase them please!

I don't want to just change *every* obstacle, but if you can provide some specific obstacles that are in need of adjust I am happy to look into it. (Mod Mark) - [MMH says: I'll contact the players who raised this issue on their thread. ]

So, I had an idea that in Build Mode in your POH, the default left click for empty hotspots should be "Build" and the default left click for filled hotspots should be "Remove". It would speed up training a lot!

Nice idea. We'll look into it.

Can you make it so that the "Escape" key closes interfaces?

Again, nice idea! We'll look into this!

One thing that annoys me is being unable to remove pages from Prayer Books. Can you change this?

I don't want to do this as there are a lot of Prayer Books in the game already and giving people the ability to remove pages and re-sell them would create a large influx of them for sale, dramatically lowering the price. I think this would annoy more people than anything. I may add a warning to the books just to remind people that finishing a book is irreversible. (Mod Mark)

~ Mod Mark H (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~


Possibility of returning current prayer book to Jossik in order to be able to find another one: option to remove gathered pages before doing so.

This would devalue the prayerbook - unfortunately we will not be looking to do this any time soon.


Mechanical, customisable cat pet - crafting and quest explained in 16-17-939-11898

Good idea, however I'm not sure of the overall impact, but maybe something to consider in the future.


Demons in Dungeoneering should drop ashes like they do in the rest of the game

Yes, good idea, we will do it!


Graphical update for armours: the stronger the material they are made from, the more ornate they are

The new Art Director is currently looking at armour. We already have concepts. Watch this space.

Free Tribe

Updates to GE to make it easier to use.( Examples ('favourited' items (3 for f2p, 15 for members), option to filter the search by things like 'members item' or 'ammunition', option to toggle a thumbnail of the image, the thumbnail attaching to a page about the item.

Nice to have, but difficult to do. Some changes are planned, but more like dealing with lag issues and so on.


Dancing costumes (individual costumes with their own emotes: more details in 15-16-984-17207.

This is a nice idea, but right now a bit too time consuming really for a cosmetic benefit.


When you level up enough a message apears to say that you reached the required levels to complete a Achievement diary

Yes, good idea, we will do it!


ID card' for players that shows details like name, f2p combat level, member combat level, number of quest points etc.

Yes, good idea. We want to do, however, not sure about technical limitations. Will have to look at it.


Adding a free teleport to Varrock - possibly to replace Lumbridge/Falador respawn?

This would result in balancing issues. However, some revisions being considered for existing teles, perhaps teleother Lumbridge being changed.

Apologies for my lateness, but better late than never!

~ Mod Jane (On behalf of the RuneScape Development Team) ~

Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:19 pm
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Post Re: Sources & Citations
two that interested me the most:

Could you introduce a new "Charm Bag" that gathers up and stores Charms for us?

Sounds like a good idea and something we can consider for the future. Though if we did make such an item it would only be for gathering charms, you wouldn't be able to use it when training.


"The Dagganoth Kings don't currently drop Effigies whilst most other "boss" monsters do. Can DK's get effigies added as drops?"

We can certainly look into this.


Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:21 am

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Post Re: Sources & Citations
"Will Vyrewatch ever be added as a Slayer Task?"

The new Myreque Quest will feature a new Slayer Task. Maybe it will be Vyrewatch? Maybe it won't. ;)

This concerns me.


Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:42 am
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Post Re: Sources & Citations
Hedgehog wrote:
"Will Vyrewatch ever be added as a Slayer Task?"

The new Myreque Quest will feature a new Slayer Task. Maybe it will be Vyrewatch? Maybe it won't. ;)

This concerns me.

it will be mort myre snails :Derp:


Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:49 am

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Post Re: Sources & Citations
Or icyenes or something


Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:25 pm
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