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 Dungeoneering Suggestions 
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Post Dungeoneering Suggestions
Old Topic from TIF.
I wanna keep a record of it somewhere.

Table of Contents:
A) The Bind Bank
B) Shadow Silk
C) Challenge Room Rewards (Suggested by A Final Name)
D) PVP Dungeoneering (Suggested by Lalala)
E) Race Dungeoneering
F) Pickpocketing
G) Rebalancing Weapon Addons
H) No More Randoms
I) Gauntlet Mode
J) View Floors
K) Holiday Items

'A) The Bind Bank'
So, I'm sure everybody is tired of being restricted to only 1-4 item binds and 1 ammo bind.
And, Jagex does this for good reason. Having too much armor, weapons, and ammo at the start of a floor would be rather game breaking.
Jagex want's to give players a reason to collect resources during a floor, and there's nothing wrong with them wanting that.

However, many many rare drops simply go to waste.
Having to throw away a blood necklace at the end of a floor, just seems like a total total shame.

You don't need armor in C1's so why not grab a blood necklace?
Maybe you have a reliable perm team, and you feel like rolling with a surgebox and celestial catalytic because you can count on your allies to deal with mage resistant enemies.

I personally have a hexhunter, which I don't feel like breaking for a platebody.
But then again I key a lot, in which case a body armor is sooo much more useful than a hexhunter.

So, how do we solve this without making the game too easy?

How about a bind bank.
Every time you bind an item, it goes into a bank of yours.
And you can bind as many items as the bank can hold (say the bank can hold some arbitrary number of items items)
(people are suggesting 7-10 item slots and 3 ammo slots for the bind bank)

The catch is, at the start of the floor, you can only withdraw 1-4 items and 1 ammo from your bind bank (depending on your DG level)
and you cannot withdraw anymore items from your bind bank for the rest of the floor.

So, I could go do floor 45, Go with a platebody since I feel like keying.
Then when we finish the floor, my friend tells me he wants to key.
next floor I swap out my platebody for a hexhunter, and he swaps out to his platebody, and we roll out.

That way I would never have to feel bad throwing away rare drops (as I wouldn't need to)
And I would still be restricted to 1-4 items + 1 ammo binds each floor.

'B) Shadow Silk'
I know a lot of dungeoneers who are tired of getting the shadow silk hood drop.
And frankly, it's creating a caste divide between the dungeoneers

I think Jagex wanted to bring the community together with dungeoneering, by forcing players to work with each other.
But the shadow silk hood (and the tiered bind system to a lesser extent) is really segregating the community.

How many dungeoneering raids could you really get into without a shadow silk hood?

The suggestion is simple. Release a quest, or mini quest, or achievement diary, or minigame, or ANYTHING of this nature.
Where upon accomplishing the task required, you are guaranteed an inferior version of the shadow silk hood.
It doesn't need to be a hood even, it could be a body piece, a leg piece, a glove piece, whatever.

It stat wise, should be as good as the hood, or worse (so as to not to diminish the value of the normal hood)
it must NOT reduce your combat abilities more than the -2 melee atk that the shadow hood already does. (Or people will not like you for slowing GDs down)

so I'd say it should be like a shadow silk hood, but gives you less defense, or negative defense or something of this nature.
The point of this would be to remove the rift between hooded players and non-hooded players.

'C) Challenge Room Rewards'
Suggested by A Final Name

Do you hate Monoliths?
Do you hate Obelisks?
Do you hate Mercenary rooms?

You're probably not alone.
However, I am against making these rooms easier.
They were clearly meant to be tougher than your average room.

But this is the way I see it.
What would a soulgazer be without a hexhunter drop chance?
An Edimmu without blood necklace drop chance?
They'd just be extra beefy, powerful monsters, that took more food, required slayer levels, and MIGHT drop a fair amount of food for you.
They would definitely not be fun.
But since they have a rare drop, people find them fun and exhilarating.
The same logic could be applied towards Monoliths, Obelisks, and Mercenary rooms in my opinion

A final name suggested a 1/400 drop rate from these rooms.
A final name also suggested a reward from obelisks where you could bind a special familiar pouch + 125 scrolls for the familiar into your ammo slot.
I will not specify a drop rate. That is not the purpose of the suggestion :P
Nor will I suggest specific rewards for these challenge rooms. As that is not the purpose of this suggestion either.
If I have new item suggestions, I will mention them in a separate suggestion bubble.

'D) PVP Dungeoneering'
Suggested by Lalala
2-4 teams start at opposite corners of a dungeon.
They may or may not be allowed to have their dungeoneering binds (optional setting)
Map may or may not be symmetric (optional setting)

First team to slay the other team wins.

Incentive to kill monsters is and clear rooms is to get to the opposing team ASAP and catch them with their pants down.
Incentive to skill is to get food and equipment necessary to pwn the other team.

Should this be part of the dungeoneering skill?
Should it gain xp? tokens? just tokens? just xp?
Should it just be a minigame?
Should the team split up to get resources faster?
Should the team stick together so individuals don't get piled?
Who knows, I'm not going into that, as that is a separate suggestion in itself.

'E) Race Dungeoneering'
Inspired by Lalala's previous suggestion
2 teams start in the same dungeon.
The two teams cannot interact with each other, but can see "shadows" of the players on the opposing team.

First team to finish the dungeon wins.
finishing the dungeon could be openning all the doors then slaying the boss, or it could be just killing the boss.
(make it an optional setting or whatever)

The point of this is to have teams learn from other players.
There's too much strategy bickering in dungeoneering, especially with random teams.
And this bickering is ultimately pointless because floors are different from each other.
It is time to put the mettle of dungeoneering strategies and teamwork to the ultimate test, against another team.
You're both doing the same floor, so you can't say that one of you just happened to get a better floor.

It takes extra time to find 10 people to do the same floor, instead of 5.
So the losing team should NOT earn less xp for the floor if they lose.
But the winning team should definitely earn an XP bonus.
Perhaps even the losing team should get a bonus.

I will not specify how much more or how much less, as this is not relevant.

'F) Pickpocketing'
Ever pickpocket in stealing creation?
Do you know the THRILL of stealing a mage's runes?

Why not implement this in dungeoneering.
Obviously you would need a shadow silk hood (or just very good safe spotting skills) as you cannot pickpocket while under attack.
But that's irrelevant.

Make it so you can pickpocket forgotten warriors/rangers/mages and brutes.
For warriors and rangers, you could make the lootpile consists of GPs, food, charms.
For mages, it could be that, but the additional chance of stealing the mage's only runes!.
After all, mages can spy you through your hood, so there should be and extra benefit for stealing from them before you are inevitably spotted.
Make it such that actually stealing the runes would debuff the mage. A mage without blood runes would not be able to cast wave/surge spells.
A mage without mind runes would not be able to cast monster examine to dehood you.

And of course, there is a chance of failure based on your thieving level.
And if you fail, you take damage, lose your hoodedness, and are stunned.
The forgotten warriors you could thieve from would scale with their levels (99 thieving for tier 11 forgottens, 90 for tier 10, etc)

IMO, it would not change dungeoneering that much.
But it would most definitely be fun to do.

'G) Rebalancing Weapon Addons'
I think I recall Jagex stating that they don't want to rebalance weapons outside of dungeoneering because it may affect the economy too much.
(Personally I think it would affect the economy in a good and acceptable way, but if Jagex thinks otherwise I need to accept that)

Anywhoo, regardless Jagex did make their first attempt at rebalancing weapons indirectly with the Longbow sights.
This item was an addon so it did not really affect the price of longbows.

At the same time, the longbow(s) rebalanced longbows in the weapon set (althought crossbows are still too dominant in my opinion)
But that's not the point.

Jagex can rebalance the weapons through weapon addons. Hilt Extension + 2 Handers for example.

'H) No More Randoms'
It'd be easier to write a botting script for a random event than for dungeoneering.
The problem with random events, is that if say a player needs to cash in their reward tokens real quick, and they inevitably get random evented, the random event consumes the time of not only the player in the random event, but all 4 other players in the team.
It's simply an unnecessary strain on teams.
Many dungeoneers can be drama queens. It's important to not strain them too much if you want to promote a sense of community.

'I) Gauntlet Mode'
I present this mode for three purposes:

-As a funner alternative to C1's
-To help players who have a small number of floors before reset, and can't find teams for them.
-Provide a challenge for more competent boss fighters.

You start off, provided with a set amount of resources.
After you and your team prepare, you enter the gauntlet.
After you enter, you cannot exit to restock on materials.

You fight the 6 bosses for a floor type (frozen, furnished, abandoned, occult, warped) in a row.
Death may or may not be permanent (I don't want to consider balancing details in this thread)
Upon completion, all floors of the type are cleared off.
You can do a gauntlet without XP loss so long as you have a single floor from the floor type incomplete.

That way say, if you have only floor 43 left
and another player has only floor 47 left
You can do a gauntlet mode together in spite of the lack of common floors.

And of course you can do a single frozen gauntlet to clear 1-11 in a single go.

I also won't comment on how much xp/tokens this mode will give since I don't want to consider balancing details in this thread.

'J) View Floors'
[quote name='pulli23' timestamp='1292759651' post='4638768']
I'm really wondering why such a small, yet huge improvement isn't suggested:

being able to see your own floors (which you have open or finished) without going into a team!

'K) Holiday Items'
Let us bring untradeable holiday items such as christmas hats and scarves into daemonheim.


Tue May 17, 2011 12:59 am
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Post Re: Dungeoneering Suggestions
All of these suggestions sound great to me, viewing floors without a team really should have been added ages ago. Gauntlet mode would make c1s much more fun as well.

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Wed May 18, 2011 1:06 am

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Post Re: Dungeoneering Suggestions
I don't think holiday items inside dungeons are likely but I like the other suggestions.

What I think would help is a better dungeon map. It could display the names of players who are alone in a room without using tooltips so it's easier to keep track of everyone. It could display individual gatestones since your character could be expected to remember where they place their gatestone. It could even show where key doors are, if that wouldn't make things too easy in the developer's mind.

Of course, even one of those things would help a lot I imagine.


Wed May 18, 2011 3:21 pm
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Post Re: Dungeoneering Suggestions
I would like to be able to build a dg. The citadel is amateur in comparison. POHs are even worse. Even if they made it a feature only for clans it'd be a lot of fun. Wouldn't even really mind if monsters/bosses/skill reqs stayed random.

Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:08 pm
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DGS Reviewer

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Post Re: Dungeoneering Suggestions
62 rooms of slidy. Yes.


Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:09 pm
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Post Re: Dungeoneering Suggestions
sounds like my citadel dg. did you ever try that? battlefield a (dgs), good luck

Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:14 pm
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