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 Gnome Restaurant Log 
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Post Gnome Restaurant Log
Sticking this here in case anyone can do something with it.

It is sorted by reward item, followed by the number given at once, then the name of the gnome, then his order.

mint cake x10 - brambickle - veg ball
x10 - wingstone - worm hole
x10 - king bolren - veg ball
x10 - captain dalbur - wizard blizzard
x9 - professor onglewip - vegetable batta
x8 - king bolren - fruit batta
x8 - ambassador spanfipple - wizard blizzard
x8 - king bolren - blurberry special
x10 - king bolren - toad crunchies
x10 - captain bleemadge - pineapple punch
x9 - professor onglewip - spicy crunchies
x9 - captain daerkin - short green guy
x9 - ambassador spanfipple - blurberry special
x9 - gnormadium avlafrim - chocolate saturday
x10 - professor imblewyn - fruit blast
x10 - ambassador gimblewap - worm batta
x8 - ambassador spanfipple - fruit blast
x8 - professor manglethorp - choc chip crunchies
x9 - king bolren - short green guy
x10 - professor manglethorp - drunk dragon
x9 - wingstone - chocolate saturday
x10 - captain daerkin - worm crunchies
x9 - professor imblewyn - cheese+tom batta
x9 - professor manglethorp - short green guy
x8 - gnormadium avlafrim - pineapple punch
x8 - ambassador ferrnook - cheese+tom batta

seed pod x9 - ambassador ferrnook - cheese+tom batta
x8 - wingstone - worm crunchies
x9 - professor manglethorp - chocolate saturday
x8 - captain klemfoodle - short green guy
x9 - ambassador ferrnook - blurberry special
x10 - captain dalbur - drunk dragon
x8 - ambassador spanfipple - toad crunchies
x9 - ambassador ferrnook - spicy crunchies
x9 - captain daerkin - worm crunchies
x9 - ambassador gimblewap - fruit blast

sapphire x7 - professor manglethorp - worm batta
x6 - gnormadium avlafrim - short green guy
x8 - g.l.o. caranock - worm batta
x10 - ambassador ferrnook - blurberry special
x10 - professor manglethorp - cheese+tom batta
x6 - professor onglewip - short green guy
x9 - ambassador gimblewap - worm batta
x9 - professor imblewyn - veg ball
x6 - penwie - chocolate saturday
x7 - gnormadium avlafrim - chocolate bomb
x7 - wingstone - chocolate saturday
x9 - g.l.o. caranock - worm hole

emerald x4 - captain bleemadge - cheese+tom batta
x4 - professor imblewyn - cheese+tom batta
x3 - king bolren - fruit batta
x4 - captain daerkin - pineapple punch
x3 - g.l.o. caranock - spicy crunchies

ruby x3 - garkor - drunk dragon
x2 - garkor - fruit batta
x3 - professor imblewyn - worm hole
x3 - garkor - drunk dragon

diamond x1 - lieutenant schepbur - worm batta
x1 - wingstone - chocolate bomb
x1 - wingstone - fruit blast
x1 - ambassador ferrnook - pineapple punch
x1 - ambassador spanfipple - cheese+tom batta
x1 - brambickle - fruit blast
x1 - brambickle - cheese+tom batta

toadflax x3 - prfoessor manglethorp - toad crunchies
x3 - garkor - choc chip crunchies
x3 - g.l.o. caranock - worm crunchies
x3 - ambassador spanfipple - veg ball

snapdragon x1 - captain dalbur - toad crunchies
x1 - professor imblewyn - chocolate bomb
x1 - captain klemfoodle - fruit blast
x1 - king bolren - toad batta
x1 - g.l.o caranock - toad crunchies
x1 - brambickle - chocolate saturday
x1 - ambassador spanfipple - chocolate bomb
x1 - penwie - drunk dragon
x1 - brambickle - spicy crunchies

blood rune x7 - professor imblewyn - fruit blast

law rune x11 - professor imblewyn - spicy crunchies

chaos rune x24 - professor imblewyn - tangled toads' legs

mithril x18 - king bolren - blurberry special

adamant x15 - king bolren - choc chip crunchies
x20 - gnormadium avlafrim - vegetable batta
x19 - ambassador gimblewap - toad crunchies

key halves:
loop half x1 - garkor - spicy crunchies
x1 - captain bleemadge - wizard blizzard
x1 - ambassador ferrnook - toad batta
x1 - garkor - wizard blizzard

tooth half x1 - ambassador gimblewap - toad batta

bird's nest:
+willow seed x1 - g.l.o. caranock - vegetable batta
+acorn seed x1 - captain bleemadge - chocolate saturday
+pineapple seed x1 - lieutenant schepbur - veg ball
+apple seed x1 - captain daerkin - cheese+tom batta

scarf x1 - captain ninto - wizard blizzard


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DGS Floorgazer

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Post Re: Gnome Restaurant Log
Interesting undertaking. Do you intend to find the gp/hr from this?


Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:31 am

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Post Re: Gnome Restaurant Log
I think he wants to see what's worth skipping in terms of drink -> reward probability. I did around 900 rounds of it though and got around 40 scarves give or take. Deleted all my records of the rewards though :/

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